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Researching and Observing

You may wonder why I’ve not posted on this blog since May, so I’ll update you.

Last year (2010), observing how our economy continued to decline, I began preparing for its collapse. Economical collapse…something unthinkable, huh, or so you may have thought until this year (2011)…that’s if you’re keeping abreast of current events.

This year, in March, Japan had tsunami and nuclear tragedies, emotionally effecting many people worldwide. Even though I’ve always stayed up with current events (especially since 9/11/01), after what happened in Japan, I devoted more time to alternative media, since mainstream media, in my personal opinion, did not cover Japan appropriately.

As a matter of fact, to me, mainstream media hid facts, especially facts about radiation fallout in the United States and elsewhere around the world. Why? Well, I believe mainstream media is somehow government controlled, and our “Federal Family” apparently does not wish to frighten the public. And, to me, Japan’s government apparently did not wish to frighten their public about the true spread of radiation in their country.

What we don’t know won’t hurt us, right?

Tell that to Japanese children now having heart attacks and thyroid problems.

Anyhoo, in May, rather than keeping up with this blog, time on the computer became delegated to reading articles and watching videos online about everything happening in the world and solar system that could affect my family and me. To let you know, I even let Twitter time decline, which my visits there have always been for relaxation…kind of like how some people relax by watching television or playing video games.

Yet, as chaos continues to escalate in the U.S. and abroad, I feel its my duty to share things that concern me as a wife, mother, grandmother and American citizen. So, I’ll continue to research and observe, not just for me, but for you, too. As I become aware (and prepare), I hope to help you become aware…and prepare.

Take care,

Patricia Spork


Parting Calls

Parting Calls by Patricia Spork About a month ago, my husband received two phone messages – one, from a long-time friend; the other, from the friend’s wife, calling for her husband. The wife’s call alerted my husband that something might be wrong, especially since my husband had never met her. And being that my husband had not seen this friend since they were teenagers, nor had spoke to him in at least four years, he feared the worse. So he returned the call…his fear affirmed.

Hospice-tended, the friend talked of cancer diagnosis, treatments endured, cancer progression and his decision to fore-go further treatments. My husband did not say much until his friend brought up teen incidents of long ago.

Reminiscing through drug-induced state, the friend faltered in speech as he spoke of fun and wild times shared when the two were young. Only then, did my husband appear stricken by the fact his friend would soon be parting from this world. His eyes glistened with approaching tears, yet none fell. Not then, anyway.

After the half-hour or so conversation, they said their final words to each other – clumsy, yet effective good-byes.

There is no way I can truly know how this “parting call” affected my husband’s emotions; yet, I realize, he was sincerely touched that his friend, near death, let him know how much their friendship meant throughout life.

Parting calls. I hope to make them, if able, to let friends or family members (no matter how long since seen or contacted) know how much they meant to me in my life-time.

Do you know who would receive your parting calls? If not, maybe you should consider creating a list for your “parting of the ways”…the final parting.

~Patricia Spork



Loss of Father – Birthday Remembrance

Loss of Father – Birthday Remembrance:

Over twenty years have passed since my husband lost his father to a massive heart attack. I never met him. He grew up in Oklahoma, served a few years as a Marine – honorably discharged –  and was a carpenter by trade. After he married, he moved with his wife to California, where my husband was born. He was an alcoholic, although quit drinking in his later years. He was temperamental and a stern disciplinarian, although never struck my husband. Can’t say that for hubby’s older brother, who fought their father, several times. He gardened, raised rabbits and chickens, and seemed to like dogs.

When I asked my husband what he most remembered about his father, he stated, “He was loving…and mean.

Notice “loving” came first in that statement. I know there are more fond memories of his father than bad memories, for his father’s death brought great grief to my husband.

When asked what he felt was the one most important thing learned from his father, he told me, “Being responsible for your family.”

My husband is responsible for our family, caring for us as a good spouse, father and grandfather should. His father would be proud.

Also, his father would be proud knowing his January birthday is remembered. Sometimes on that day, a candle is lit in his memory, and sometimes not; all depends on if my husband reminds me of the date. This year, he reminded me, so a candle burned throughout the day and most of the night.

I share with you an interesting passage from EREMA; OR, MY FATHER’S SIN by R. D. Blackmore, published in 1877. Excerpt from “CHAPTER I – A LOST LANDMARK “:

“If I had not known my father, if I had not loved him, if I had not closed his eyes in desert silence deeper than the silence of the grave, even if I could have buried and bewailed him duly, the common business of this world and the universal carelessness might have led me down the general track that leads to nothing.

When I’m reminded about the man who fathered my husband, I thank him for guiding his son on the right track in life, for his son is a kind, loving and decent man. I like to think he hears me…and that he continues to guide his son.

~Patricia Spork


Buv, the Woopid Wowwer by Patricia Spork

Buv, the Woopid Wowwer” is my poem inspired by today’s Valentine Abstract Poem Writing Exercise. I used the words “love,” “flower” and “Cupid”. I’m sure you can figure out the three words I came up with for each of those to write this poem:

Buv, the Woopid Wowwer

by Patricia Spork

Buv loved a flower named Cupid,
So his heart flipped over in woopid;
But Cupid, not seeking his love,
Gave her tiny heart to Big Nuv.

But Big Nuv sought only sun’s power,
So Cupid’s fragrance did sour;
And her stalk, covered in zuv,
Became unsightly…even to Buv.

Yet grown as medicinal Wowwer,
Buv dropped off his petals in bow-er;
They curled up – a comforting dupid –
Causing Cupid to bloom so shupid!

Now Buv grows entwined with Cupid,
Both vined in perennial woopid;
And Big Nuv, who only sought power,
Died a lone annual…drowned by a shower.

Copyright 2011 Patricia Spork

Okay, maybe not that abstract, but it works, and to me, it’s so cute. LOL!

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BrainBumple – Mind by Radhey Shiam

BrainBumple – “Mind” by Radhey Shiam:


by Radhey Shiam

Man is a combination of  body, mind and spirit. But it is the mind that dominates the life. It is a fountain of energy. It is the director of the life’s movie. It causes sensations into action organs to act and perform. It can bring heaven or hell on the earth. Mind is a mystery to solve any sort of mystery. Mind drives the body car and the spirit enjoys the ride.

A living mind is a boon to the world. It is watchful and observant being a constant flow of positive energy, awareness and alertness. It is vigilant about what one feels, thinks and does. It knows what is of the utmost importance to achieve the goal of life and create a destiny. It studies conditions to meet challenges in life.

It lives consciously and follows the rhythm of life with changing situation, every moment. It  is guided by the light of awareness. It nurtures goodness and virtues like love kindness, peace, joy etc. Destiny is crafted by own thought and follow up actions.

A dead mind is a sleeping elephant. It boasts about its high ideals, goodness, wisdom, integrity achievements etc. It is a paper flower without fragrance. Truly speaking, it is guided by unknown fears, confusion, rigidity and vagaries  thinking.

It becomes compulsive, mechanical, weak and helpless. It looses energy to inquire into any thing and analyze  effects of any action, so falls prey to the vagaries of the world.

If the mind is agitated or negative, then every thing appears gloomy and subject to decay. If the consciousness is fresh, alive and bright, then the world too appears bright, beautiful and blissful. ‘Tis mind’s magic.

Copyright 2011 Radhey Shiam


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