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Going Off the Deep End…and Peanut Butter

Going Off the Deep End…and Peanut Butter

Many of my friends and family think I’m going off the deep end, meaning they think I’m crazy, wacko, out-of-my-mind, paranoid, etc., etc., etc. Why? Because I keep trying to wake them to the fact that things could get worse in our country than ever imagined, and that they should prepare for the worst by stocking up on food, water and more.

Some folks might call me a “prepper”, although, I’m only doing what I’ve done for years and years…stocking for emergency reasons, like when we were without electricity for seven days due to an ice storm and without running water when the pipes froze, and when normal income was disrupted due to lack of work hours or lay-offs. Now though, I’m more extreme in the efforts because of possible economic collapse or Electromagnetic Pulse [EMP] caused from a solar flare or nuclear weapons. Natural disasters, like floods, earthquakes or tornadoes could occur. This year, the Texas drought caused water shortages and wild fires. Thankfully, we were not affected by the fires. Sadly, quite a few Texans lost much to flames.

Heck, a fire or tornado could wipe out everything stocked thus far, which isn’t a great amount; yet, having  the small stockpile is a great stress reliever, especially since prices continue to rise and I’m saving money in the long run. And it’s always nice to know that if nothing were needed for my family, then the extra items could be used to help others in need.

Mentioning needs…if you need peanut butter, now’s the time to stock up. Peanut yield is low due to the drought. Peanut butter prices are expected to rise up to 40%. I’ll be hitting the store soon. Gotta have my peanut butter! Plus, a few cans of nuts. Hmmm…guess you could add “nutty” to the list of terms used to describe my state of mind. LOL!

Anyhoo, if you’re not aware, become aware…and prepare.

Patricia Spork