Parasitic Predator by Patricia Spork and Freya Pickard (Poem)

2FrickinKoolParasitic Predator by Patricia Spork and Freya Pickard (Poem)

What person in right mind would share a short poem inspired by someone’s cancer experience? Me! But once shared, inspiration took hold of the afflicted and “Parasitic Predator” (cancer poem) was birthed. Strange how writers can make good of something bad (or vice versa) and how writing can be a healing tool for the downhearted. Thankfully, in my opinion, artistic expression in any form is positive therapy for the artist’s soul.


by Patricia Spork and Freya Pickard

What is Cancer?
Of energy.

a hole inside me
parasite feeding on me;
eradicate it

silent predator
devours in voracious stealth;
abstracted nature

alien feeding
slowly extracting my soul;
I will not die yet

perseverance pays…
treatment begets results:
rejoice! hope restored

Copyright ©2015 Patricia Spork & Freya Pickard


*Parasitic Predator First Published 4/28/16 at Pure Haiku.

(Note: First, third and fifth verse by Patricia Spork; second and fourth verse by Freya Pickard)

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