She-Tick Spray to the Rescue (Not Product) – Sporkplode Video

Hey, hey, hey!

Read an interesting article in early July about pest insects and other tiny “critters”. One sentence began with “She”, but most likely should have been ‘The’. Word usage caused a tickling sporkplode. Since a note about that article topped my growing list of blogging material, it’s now the main subject of my first sporkplode video (embedded further below). Oh yah!

Read the article that inspired me.

The video has much to do with ticks. Research tick information.

If the video doesn’t show up through your RSS feed, I may need to change some settings for it to work properly. Too tired now, and will be busy tomorrow, but will check on it within the next few days. If problem with viewing vid in your feed, click here.

Night, folks!


Patricia Spork Update – August 1, 2017


Sorry for being negligent blogging.

I’ve started a video channel: Patricia Spork “sporkplodes”. New at creating and editing videos, so going through the learning process. Published the first video today, an introduction about the channel and me. If you watch the video, you’ll see I’m an ‘ol country bumpkin and not a presentation speaker.

I’ll embed some “sporkplodes” on this blog, which may turn into a vlog. Those videos will be themed for this blog.

If you have any suggestions for services I can use for creating interview podcasts or videos, leave a comment or contact me using the online form.

If you’d like to be interviewed, let me know.

Check with you again later.