I’m Patricia Spork. More about me:

  • I’m a great-grandmother (an old hag full of p&v)
  • Married to my sweetie for over twenty-five years
  • Daughter, three grand-children and two, great grand-children (Don’t see often enough. Wah!)
  • Lost my son to depression and suicide (Heartbreaker!)
  • Six dogs keep me busy filling up food and water bowls
  • Four horses I can’t ride because of back injury from horse-riding accident (Bummer!)
  • Garden, but physical limitations has me griming hands in containers on the back porch
  • Drummed in bands (blues, rock, country), but no longer have a set
  • Guitar and mandolin cases gather dust more often than not
  • Writing, painting, digital art, photography on back-burner, too often (Note: Some works published, online and in print.)
  • Fifty-million jobs (yes, exaggeration), from waitress to statistical quality control and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-I), and now, play with jewelry beads (soothing)
  • Believe in God and life is good

I’m not a charitable organization, so don’t accept donations, but if you’d like to rid yourself of greenbacks in a digital manner, I’d accept any amount as payment for my personable humor offered as a personal service only in this sentence. Hahahah. Click here.

Any questions or to drop me a line about anything, contact me. Don’t expect prompt responses, since I don’t check email accounts often. For faster response, text cell: 903.331.3305.

Appreciate your time. Thanks for visiting!

Patricia Spork