I’m Patricia Spork, an avid reader of online news articles, blogging about content read that may be of general public interest to others.

A mediocre background of writing experience and publication history causes some grammar and punctuation errors to catch my eye. So, I’m going to share a few of those eye-catchers (mainly misspellings, since not too great at grammar – ha, ha).

Also, I’ll be sharing what I think are the hidden treasures of information buried within some articles…information that could be an article topic possibly more important than the article where the ‘hidden treasure’ was originally located.

Some articles leave me with questions, so I’ll bring those questions to your attention.

In a world where visual content is beginning to reign supreme, the art of writing appears to be declining, as does the interest in reading. I’m hoping people reading my personal opinions and comments will lead to word spelling awareness and cause reading of articles linked from this blog.

Guest contributions may appear, as well as interviews, videos or podcasts.

Okay, that about sums up the direction of this blog. As far as knowing more about me:

  • I’m a great-grandmother (an old hag full of p&v)
  • Married to my sweetie for over twenty years
  • Daughter and three grandkids don’t visit often enough, but keep in touch…again, not often enough
  • Lost my son to depression and suicide (Heartbreaker!)
  • Eight dogs keep me busy filling up food and water bowls
  • Four horses I can’t ride because of back injury from horse-riding accident (Wah!)
  • Garden, but physical limitations has me griming hands in containers on the back porch
  • Drummed in bands (blues, rock, country), but no longer have a set
  • Guitar and mandolin cases gather dust more often than not
  • Painting, digital art, photography and intense writing on back-burner, too often
  • Fifty-million jobs (yes, exaggeration), from waitress to statistical quality control…now, play with jewelry beads (soothing)
  • Believe in God and life is good

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Thanks for visiting!

Patricia Spork