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Apology and Purpose of this New Blog

Hello, Friends, Family and Visitors!

First, I apologize to anyone that no longer has interviews or book reviews showing on my site. I’ve hosted my domain on a new platform, mainly for expense budgeting reasons. I thought of merging everything over here, but the old location was a mess of old files and I was beginning to believe the site had been compromised. The best thing I thought to do was to start fresh, especially since I wanted to go in a new direction with the blog. If you do need a particular interview or book review, there are ways of locating archived sites on the Internet or you can contact me for assistance. No contact form online yet, but should be up within the next few days.

The purpose of this blog is to express my personal opinions about current news events and about how journalists are reporting (or not reporting) the news. I don’t intend to name journalists or publications. I mainly want to focus on word usage, misspellings and important topics deemed less relevant within the content of certain articles.

Still setting up the blog, so be awhile before I get into the swing of things. Hope you stop by again to see my progress.

Thanks, for stopping by!




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