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Don’t ya know eating beef is harming the earth? OMG! Ya don’t! Well, wake up, you planet destroyer! Your consumption of a thick and juicy beef steak…a ground beef meatloaf topped with tomato sauce…an onion-covered fried ground beef patty smothered in brown gravy…and a double or triple-decker beef hamburger must come to an end…to save our planet. Instead, one eensie-teensie cow-smacking meatball should be all the red meat you’re allowed to eat per day. And if you’re a good boy or girl, or whatever gender, you might be allowed some beef-flavored gravy for dipping your meatball. That’s only if you adhere to your strict red meat diet.

If you’re a meat cattle rancher, better change professions, ’cause as red meat consumption is reduced, so will your herd size be reduced, as will your profit. And if you’re a dairy cattle rancher or produce milk from cows, better heed the same advice as mentioned for meat cattle ranchers. Nobody needs or wants your milk and cheese. Just nobody! Get rid of all cow-induced dairy products! For that matter, just kill all your cows ’cause your cattle are ruining our earth in a million-jillion ways. Even their farts blast too dang much methane into the atmosphere. Help our lungs now. Save the environment. Cork that thang!

If you’d like to know why I wrote the above, please watch my video below, and read the article linked to within the description below the video on the video page. Think I’ll go grab a burger…while I can. Hahah!