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Patricia Spork Update 8/19/18

Hello! Placed blog posts that were in “Curiosity,” “Newsworthy,” and “Wordage” in new category “Yolds,” unless they were a Sporkplode post, which are all in “Sporkplodes” category. Deleted “Curiosity,” “Newsworthy,” and “Wordage” categories. Decided not to embed videos, but will provide titles and links to videos within blog posts. So,…

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Patricia Spork Update June 8, 2018

Patricia Spork Update June 8, 2018 So much important news occurs daily that I’ve focused more on sharing some of that news on social media, rather than writing news-related opinions here. And with all the censorship occurring, I totally stopped making videos. I’d just started learning about how to create…

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What Happened to Patricia Spork

What Happened to Patricia Spork? Wondered what happened to me to cause no blog postings in past couple of months? Here’s a list of the main reasons: 1. Brother had stroke/seizure and hospitalized, twice, and now in rehabilitation center. Therapy is ongoing with good results. 2. Youngest grandson had surgery…

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New Pages and Other Goodies

Hi, All! I’ve added new pages for legalities, a contact form and contributor information. If you read any of those pages before today, then please read them again…several have been tweaked. Added social media share buttons and a follow button. Decided Creative Commons license will not apply to this website.…

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About and Spammy-Yammies

Hey, hey, hey…got a little bit done today. Surprised to see I had pages and pages of member subscribers to the blog. Doofy me forgot to untick that anyone could register, so the spammy-yammies had a field day. Sorry if you were a legit member, especially since subscribers were deleted.…

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Excuses, Excuses, Excuses (Positive and Negative)

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses (Positive and Negative) You may be wondering why this site is not further along with content, so let me provide some negative and positive excuses: Several family deaths and illnesses (negative) Holiday travel (positive) Electricity outage spanning several days (negative and positive) Other work deemed more important…