So, what is it with meme banning, huh? First, the goofy green frog, then the bland gray-heads . . . most with witty text added to the images. What’s next to go? All memes?

Freedom of expression, to me, is the freedom to express yourself in any way you see fit and in any form. On the subject of forms, isn’t freedom of expression a form of free speech? I believe so. By banning memes, free speech is being restricted, essentially, being banned.

But I guess that’s okay, if you’re not the one having your social media account blocked or deleted because of your love for creating memes or for your desire to share them.

Memes are the rage on the Internet, and that enrages some people, mainly liberals. Seems these so-called progressive folks want to regress intelligent creativity because they are offended by certain memes. Maybe fantasy-world memes of unicorns flying over misty mountains or images promoting love, peace and the “green” agenda–all with dribbling Valentine-like verse would please them.

If liberals have their way, all memes will be censored . . . outright banned. And they get their way quite often. Really aggravates me. Well, anyone triggered negatively by memes need to regress into their fantasy world because it ain’t happening. Memes rule! If not on social media sites, then elsewhere on the Internet or in e-newsletters.

Anyway, inspired by the meme controversy, wrote a poem:

By Patricia Spork

Memes . . . so fun to make,
so funny to see,
starts such an uproar,
starts a melee;

Humorous insults
for critical thinking
brings tears to the eyes,
stops some from blinking;

Hostile offenses
unfreezing stone faces,
turns pliable minds
into lunacy cases;

Personified snowballs
pelt sensitive feelings
amplifying Snowflake
melt of well-being;

Hilarity spiking, psyching
adventurous 'venturers . . .
too much parody
for Censorious Censurers.

But the Unpardonable,
now Unforgivable,
think engineered memes
are but sins censorable.

What do we do
in a world without memes --
pick fleas off each other
like chimpanzees . . .

Or turn into robots
controlled by a master
obliterating thought,
deprogramming laughter?

Censorable Sins” ©Copyright 2019 Patricia Spork

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