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Dead Donkey in a Vein

Update 8/19/18:

No longer embedding videos onsite, and not linking this blog post’s related video, since didn’t upload it to newest hosting site; although, you may be able to view it at the most censored video hosting site online, if they haven’t deleted my Sporkplodes channel there.

Dead Donkey in a Vein

Having owned a couple of donkeys throughout the years, I know a little bit about their temperament and how loyal and protective they can be when befriended by human or animal. I believe it was in June that a video surfaced showing a donkey pushed to its death at a zoo in China. I did not watch the video, for it showed the donkey being ravaged by tigers. Live food for the predators.

The donkey video caused public uproar, so much so that a donkey statue was erected in its memory at the zoo. How fitting, huh? A tactless appeasement for the public’s benefit.

On July 4, 2017, I read an article about the donkey statue. Quoted in the article:

“The sign reads: ‘I was born in the country on the farm. I should have grown up to have children and enjoy life on earth. This monument is calling for justice. I died in vein and should be remembered.’”

Notice the word ‘vein’ should be ‘vain’. The article’s headline used ‘vain’, so I wondered if the correct word got lost in translation or whether the writer made an error in word usage.

The donkey statue story caused blood-boiling veins and whirling thoughts (like a weather vane in high wind), so vain self had to sporkplode:

UPDATE 8/19/18: Embedded video and related content removed from this section.

Snuffing out in my own way now.

Patricia Spork heads to the fridge….


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