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Devastating Derivative

Sometimes when reading news articles I come across a “hidden treasure” of information that, to me, should be a headliner story. Maybe ‘hidden treasure’ is not appropriate terminology, but that’s how I describe a seemingly buried tidbit of a newsworthy topic. Here’s what I consider to be a newsworthy tidbit contained in an article about recent polio cases in Congo:

“Like the Syrian outbreak, the four Congolese cases were caused by circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2, which emerges in areas with only patchy vaccine coverage after being excreted by people who have been vaccinated.”

“Vaccine-derived” caught my attention immediately, as did the mention of “Syrian outbreak”.

About the same time frame of reading that article, I came across reportage of a “mystery polio-like illness” attributed to “a rare virus called Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM)”. What struck me as quite odd in the article was a child neurologist’s quoted statement:

‘It actually looks just like polio, but that term really freaks out the public-health people,’ he said.”


I encourage research and leave you to your own opinions or conspiracy theorist conclusions.





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