Hey, Everyone…Happy Independence Day! Yes, still around and doing many things. Are you excited about the 4th of July parade President Trump is hosting in Washington D.C.? I am. Hard to believe several news stations won’t be airing the parade. How unpatriotic…a real poke in the eye and kick in the arse to patriotic Americans. Like it aches my behine, ya know. Bet it does yours, too. Yah, right! Well, they’ll be missing out on viewership. Too bad for them. Wah! Wah! Heheheheh.

Real shame about Betsy Ross flag controversy. Irks my pickle! So, to show my support for the flag, I visited this site and downloaded a Public Domain Betsy Ross flag image and digitally manipulated (added text, frame, saturated, sharpened, resized) for use on this site and elsewhere. Feel free to download the Featured Image flag for this blog post and the flag image further below, since I [Patricia Spork] release both versions into the Public Domain.

For all you *communists/socialists/Marxists trying to convert the U.S.A. to your idealistic whims, UP YOURS! And please, move out of this country to another country that would relish your ideologies because I, for one, don’t want you in mine. And if you think that is hate speech, it is…to your distorted mind processes. To me, it’s my personal opinion about how anyone who appears to hate the U.S.A. and down-troddens American traditions and beliefs, just shouldn’t be in this country anyway. I feel these *people would be happier elsewhere, amidst people in other countries having he same or similar way of thinking. Consider to quit harming your well-being by being someplace you despise, for it’s probably not healthy to torture your mental stability by being amongst American patriots. If you can’t afford to move elsewhere, I’m sure you could start a fund account online that patriotic Americans would happily contribute to just to get you moved to a country of your choice. Post haste!


Be safe, love your family, and God Bless America!