My lunar eclipse video was a total fail. Still, I did see the Blood Moon and it was fabulous, even though a distant sight. But on video, no up-close details because I used my digital camera to record and moon was too far away. Needed a telescope. Oh, well.

At first, the moon was at close proximity, and if stayed in that particular spot, may have captured the eclipse prominently. But at the time of almost total eclipse, the moon was but a speck in the night sky. Zooming in only blurred the dimming of the shining disk, and didn’t pick up the reddening occurring. Standing on front porch, dogs surrounded and bumped against me. Like I needed their help to shake the camera. LOL!

And the moon had shifted almost above, yet, to the right of my house, so I was leaning over the rail and twisting body, while craning my head up to film. Yes, I could have opened the porch gate and stepped to the ground, but dogs would have followed. Besides, it was pretty cold outside and I wanted indoors.

Anyway, I edited four videos to create the final moon video, and added public domain music as a complementing feature. At one point, if you watch the video, you may see the partial eclipse causing the Blood Moon. I copied that section and pasted it four times at video’s end. To me, the repeating effect helps others to see what I saw happening to the moon.

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