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Madagascar Plague Update and Canned Reporting

Update 8/19/18:

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Madagascar Plague Update and Canned Reporting

Madagascar plague outbreak was in the news for a few weeks, but recently, no longer in headlines…at least from those I’ve been reading. So, decided to check out the situation by researching online at the World Health Organization [WHO]. Here’s a short update:

On November 25, 2017 the “containment” of “acute urban pneumonic plague outbreak” was “officially announced” by the Ministry of Health of Madagascar.

Plague “cumulative total” of “confirmed, probable and suspected” cases from August 1, 2017 through November 24, 2017 was 2,384. Deaths: 207. But “more cases” “expected to be reported” because of Madagascar’s plague season.

While researching, read other information interesting to me:

  • Training of journalists and radio broadcasters regarding the plague, polio, and Mother and Child health week is ongoing.
  • The WHO risk communication team are managing a message bank to ensure that the technical content of all messages is appropriate and validated by specialists from each pillar. The message bank allows harmonization of all messages used by the various communication media. The messages are reviewed by the national teams in Antananarivo and Tamatov to facilitate customization to the regional context.

The training of media personnel is wonderful if it’s about health risks and precautions while doing assigned jobs, but a “message bank” with requirements of “harmonization of all messages” being “appropriate,” validated,” and “reviewed” leads me to believe media is limited in reporting efforts, possibly denying the public knowledge of actual plague conditions in Madagascar.

So, I question, is there canned reporting? Cookie-cutter reporting? Any reporting?

Where are the rogue journalists? Where are the rogue bloggers? Apparently, some needed in Madagascar.

Sources that led to main source used for this blog post:

World Health Organization: Emergencies preparedness,response: Plague – Madagascar: Disease outbreak news: 2 November 2017

World Health Organization Regional Office For Africa: Plague outbreak situation reports

On page linked above you’ll find link to the main source: Plague Outbreak Madagascar External Situation Report 13 – Date of Issue: 27 November 2017 (Note: PDF file)

Update 8/19/18: Removed embedded video from this section.

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