Devastating Derivative

Sometimes when reading news articles I come across a “hidden treasure” of information that, to me, should be a headliner story. Maybe ‘hidden treasure’ is not appropriate terminology, but that’s how I describe a seemingly buried tidbit of a newsworthy topic. Here’s what I consider to be a newsworthy tidbit contained in an article about […]

Inappropriate Thanks

On June 23, 2017 I read an article about Australia taxing banks and noticed, what I believe, to be an inappropriate use of the word “thanks”: “The tax was imposed by South Australia, which is struggling with the country’s highest unemployment rate and thanks the banks should be doing more to pitch in.” I think thanks […]

Varioous the Moose

I’m halfway decent at spelling words, so when reading, some misspelled words ripple my read . A few weeks ago, I saw “varioous”, rather than “various”, used in a sentence. For me, even though mind-rippled, misspelled words fodders creative muse, sometimes causing writer inspiration. The poet in me automatically anchored “varioous” (silent “u”) to “the […]

Questioning Small Ball Explosions

Say I packed a small plastic ball with cow dung and rigged it to detonate upon non-careful handling, then placed the ball in a shopping bag behind a statue in a public area. A stranger finds the bag, opens it, and gets dung splattered and ball fragment riddled causing an eye injury. Would you say […]

Questioning Accidental Crossfire

Questioning Accidental Crossfire On June 10, 2017, read this article and it had me questioning how deaths and wounds resulted from a crossfire “accident”, especially since the gunfire was not from opposing forces. If you read the article, did a concurring question arise? I’d like to see further coverage on this incident and the police […]

New Pages and Other Goodies

Hi, All! I’ve added new pages for legalities, a contact form and contributor information. If you read any of those pages before today, then please read them again…several have been tweaked. Added social media share buttons and a follow button. Decided Creative Commons license will not apply to this website. Hope you’ll let me know […]

About and Spammy-Yammies

Hey, hey, hey…got a little bit done today. Surprised to see I had pages and pages of member subscribers to the blog. Doofy me forgot to untick that anyone could register, so the spammy-yammies had a field day. Sorry if you were a legit member, especially since subscribers were deleted. But you can now subscribe […]

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses (Positive and Negative)

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses (Positive and Negative) You may be wondering why this site is not further along with content, so let me provide some negative and positive excuses: Several family deaths and illnesses (negative) Holiday travel (positive) Electricity outage spanning several days (negative and positive) Other work deemed more important (positive) Personal health issues (negative) […]

Apology and Purpose of this New Blog

Hello, Friends, Family and Visitors! First, I apologize to anyone that no longer has interviews or book reviews showing on my site. I’ve hosted my domain on a new platform, mainly for expense budgeting reasons. I thought of merging everything over here, but the old location was a mess of old files and I was […]