Pandering Pandemics

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Pandering Pandemics

Did you know there is now a “pandemic bond”of interest to certain “investors, asset managers, pension funds and endowments”?

Is the bond pandering pandemics in any way?

Appears to me the “pandemic bond” is an ideal solution for raising funds to handle epidemics and pandemics, but it also appears to be a potential profit-maker for bond holders if crises occur.

Does that creep you out in any way? Does me.

After reading the bond article, I wondered how soon another epidemic or pandemic threat would be announced. Bird flu (various strains), Zika virus and Cholera had been in the headlines for awhile, but I figured some other major disease – possibly resulting in super-catastrophic dead body counts – would emerge . . . and maybe it did:

Madagascar – currently in its “plague season” – is again dealing with bubonic plague.  But this time, the outbreak is deemed more severe, since about 70% of the cases are attributed to ‘pneumonic plague‘ (only form directly transmitted person-to-person and fatal if not treated promptly with antibiotics). Coughing, sneezing and spitting can spread pneumonic plague. Symptom onset is within 2-4 days after exposure to the plague’s bacteria. Police are seizing dead victims, since body handling can spread  the plague. So far, the World Health Organization’s risk assessment rates the global spread as low, but air travel is ongoing, with increased screening and tracking of people at the airport.

Feel safe, yet?

Also, Uganda has an outbreak of Marburg Virus Disease (MVD) – a viral hemorrhagic fever (“clinically similar” to Ebola). Marburg virus can be transmitted human-to-human from direct contact with infected blood, bodily fluids and organs. MVD can spread from direct contact with contaminated materials, equipment and surfaces. Symptoms appear 2-21 days after exposure. Case fatality average is 50%, with case fatality ratio of up to 88%. At this time, no “licensed treatment” is available.

Scared yet?

Well, don’t worry,  one bank’s pandemic bond and the same bank’s involvement in “pandemic simulation exercises” (four this past year) should assist and support management of epidemic and pandemic crises.

But still, the thought of pandering pandemics does not bring me much comfort. Does it you?

If interested, watch my video:

Pandering Pandemics – Sporkplode 10 – November 2017 Video by Patricia Spork

Anyhoo, attempt to stay healthy,
Patricia Spork

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