Patricia Spork Update – May 20, 2020

First off, thank you, Mark, from Scotland, for your gift of appreciation to me and your prayers for my loved ones. Always nice to know I’ve put a smile on someone’s face. If I could thank you in a Scottish accent, I would, but you’ll just have to imagine my Texas drawl as I write in my hickabilly way.

And thank you, Freya, from U.K., for supporting my blogging efforts. Maybe more of your ‘booting’ will kick my arse in gear. Haha. You amaze me with how you continue writing diligently while managing health and economical adversities thrust upon your husband and you. You are like a willow in the wind, supple, but strong, and continuously growing. I know, a bit cliché, but fits you well.

Well, since last update, my daughter, in her 40’s, and her boyfriend were in a four-wheeler roll-over accident and taken to a hospital by ambulance. She, and he, suffered slight concussions, but no broken bones. She’s walking around with several major bruises and a couple of minor scrapes. Needless to say, she was sore as heck for several days. Him, too. Six roll-overs in a side-by-side will do that, huh? Duh! If not for numerous seat belts, they possibly could have been roadkill. Blagh! But all joking aside, thank you, Lord, for protecting my baby.

Then, my grandson (middle grandchild), in his mid-twenties, thought he was having a heart attack due to extreme, searing pain in an arm, shoulder and across back, so he went to the emergency room. His systolic blood pressure reading was over 200. He suffers high blood pressure, anyway, and has been on controlling medications for several years. My guess is the high reading associated with pain.

Anyhoo, the pain wound up being caused by a partially dislocated shoulder caused by over-use of the arm as it compensated for less use of the other arm that he’d had rotary cuff surgery on years ago. Dang, that was a heckuva long explanation…exasperating even writing.

By the way, he’s been off work, recuperating with a sling on his arm and probably a beer or two in-hand. Last chat, he was bored into doldrums and ready to get back to his job, but I imagine his role there will be changed to something less challenging for injured shoulder.

My husband had a birthday this month, and he’s still younger than me, by a couple of years. I’m a ‘cougar’. LOL! Yet to get him a present. He’s still thinking on what I should get him. Grrrr. Old fart! If he doesn’t tell me something soon, it’s another t-shirt, or pants, or socks and underwear. I’d buy him a steak, but as you know, certain beef cuts are hard to come by these days. Guess I could get him a beef-flavored veggie or insect burger. Isn’t that what the supposed world’s global elites wants everyone to eat nowadays? He wouldn’t eat such…ever-never. Guaranteed!

And mother’s birthday is today: she is 84. Wish could visit, but can’t at this time. She’ll just have to listen to me croaking out the “Happy Birthday” song to her via phone and wait for her gifts until our next visit. We did visit on Mother’s Day and took her some beautiful pale pink roses, and yellow and pink carnations, and a tomato plant already in bloom. The last item is what she requested. Plus, she got more yard work out of us. Hahahah. We had a grand time with her, daughter, and granddaughter. Mom made shrimp gumbo, and also a pot of chili. The girls brought dessert goodies to celebrate their dad’s/grandfather’s birthday, but forgot to bring his presents. Poor fella. The whole family is pretty much forgetful. Come by it honestly. Heeheehee. But, Mom did gave him a little moolah in a card, so he wasn’t too disappointed.

I’m still gathering headlines and links, but am devoting time to a myriad of other things which take away sharing with you in the ReadViewThink category. Considering doing videos again, since can cover quite a few topics in a short production. And I’ve not been able to move much jewelry inventory during the CoVid-19 quagmire, and have a bunch of garage sale stuff waiting to be ‘nudged’ to someone else; so, I’m going to start reselling online (again). I’ll let you know more about these plans in near future.

You might be interested in knowing we’ve harvested three green cabbage, eight zucchini, and about twenty pounds of potatoes from hubby’s garden plot; and in my container garden, I’ve harvested one measly broccoli head (letting the other five plants bloom and go to seed, hopefully for fall planting in garden plot). Green tomatoes and baby yellow squash are appearing on plants (plot and containers). Some jalapeno peppers in garden plot are ready to be picked, while baby peppers are appearing on container plants. Cucumber plants are blooming in containers, but those in plot, died. Container cabbage (red and green) sucked…not making any heads, but leaves been feeding some critter. Have to say, red cabbage makes a colorful ornamental plant. Oh, and garden plot spinach wilted in heat and look poor, poor, so will try again in fall. Container spinach doing pretty good and plan to pull some leaves for small salad this evening.

Hubby’s gopher traps have demised three gophers. Dogs captured and ate at least one gopher, for sure. Nothing like seeing half a gopher, head end, hanging from a dog’s mouth. Yuck! Rabbits’ been pretty lucky so far. I think they love my black eye pea leaves.

We’re fortunate to have friends (couple with three kids) up the road helping with the garden. Guess you could say the garden is a community effort, although we tend to it more, which is no problem, since we’d do it ourselves anyway. We benefit with some help from our friends for plant, seed, soil and fertilizer costs and selection, and with the planting, transplanting, weeding and harvesting. They benefit from our mediocre ‘old-timer’ gardening knowledge, gardening tools, and anything else we can supply them for learning how to start seeds and grow plants (flowers and vegetables) at their home. Although a small garden, the bounty from our plot benefits both families. But the best benefit of all is having them for friends. Oh yah!

Another long post. Hope you enjoyed the read.

After while, crocodiles!