Patricia Spork Update – October 30, 2020

Hi, Everyone!

How ya doing? Hope well. Just wanted to chat with you a bit before more chaos ensues during election time. What a time to be alive, huh? The sane prevail during insane times. Or maybe it’s the insane prevail during sane times. LOL! Nothing sane about our current president having to campaign against a seemingly mentally impaired opponent backing socialist and communist ideologies and Marxist, terrorist-type groups, all while mounting evidence shows corrupt, treasonous behaviors from the same individual…and his son. Freak show!

The tipping point is a few days away. I plan to be on the right side of history. Stand or fall! I stand, until I fall. I will not fail my brothers and sisters who take the same stance, nor will I shirk my responsibilities to our president and our country during this time of duress. I pray for unity of the peoples of our land, even for those with differing opinions. I pray for the insurgents and revolutionaries to have a change of heart and mind, for them to think more about the betterment of the United States of America and not for its destruction; and, for them to think more about the possible outcome of their actions in the coming days and weeks ahead, and how those actions could affect them, their friends, their immediate families, and their future generations. Will they have future family generations? Only time will tell. I ask everyone to think hard and long before taking any actions against structures or people. Your livelihood and life depends on your final decision.

Anyhoo, I’m offering various pre-owned items and new products online, for sale, in my local area. If you live in East Texas, check out my listings here. If you don’t wish to sign-up as a member to the site, but are interested in an item, contact me here, for I will consider shipping to Texas residents only.

Also, I’ve started creating videos again. Whoo-hoo! Check out my “Sporkette” video channel here. I will be posting my videos to this blog in the “Videos” category, but no telling when or how often, so to remain up-to-date, join as a member and subscribe to my channel on the video hosting platform.

Faith in God has me continuing on with life as normal at the home-front. Even though turbulent times may be ahead, I look forward to election day with much hope and enthusiasm. I really believe President Trump will win. Nothing is going to dampen my spirit of goodness. Don’t allow anything to dampen yours.

Keep your good spirits up and vote!

Patricia Spork