Hello, All!

Yes, I’m back after months of totally ignoring my blog. But I didn’t ignore “tweeting” interesting news and music to my few, but loyal, followers on an almost daily basis. Yet, a couple days ago, I logged in to my @sporkette account, only to be met with a screen to confirm my identity using my phone number, which I entered, then awaited a confirmation code to be texted me. The code didn’t arrive. In that case, there was an option for “Call Me,” but no call was made to me. I tried several times that day, yesterday and today. Nada! How the heck could I confirm if a confirmation code wasn’t received? Bunch of bullcrud, huh?

Anyhoo, today, I was able to access my other account (@sorrelsunflower), and from there click a link to my @sporkette account, where this met my eyes: “Caution: This account is temporarily restricted.”. Grrr. Also, a warning about “unusual activity”. Double grrrr. But, if someone didn’t want to heed the caution and warning, one could click a button stating “Yes, view profile” and access my timeline.

Admittedly, I overly tweeted, like a bot (LOL!), and probably overstepped my boundaries with mucho conservative-leaning information, ticking off some socialist/communist liberal/liberals in the process. What better way to rid another conservative critical thinker from the social media platform than to not allow a confirmation to be finalized, locking me from my account? I could be wrong in my personal opinion, but why else would I not have received a confirmation code via SMS or telephone call, especially with all the attempts made to get the damn code?

So, decided to boot that platform from my life and left a tweet with “Bye, Twitter!” at my @sorrelsunflower account. You know, I actually feel some relief about doing so, for I spent way too much time sharing news links to the site. Time could be better spent in other ways, that’s for sure. Haha! But as a patriotic “digital soldier” I will continue in this so-called soft civil war of relaying information via the Internet in other ways. When I begin, I’ll let you know.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I did. I’m looking forward to the New Year. Hope you are, too.

God bless your family and you!