Hello, Everyone!

As you can tell, I’m keeping the site pretty simple. Some of my friends and family members think it’s ugly and bland without “Featured” images. Other site visitors might comment similarly, but I don’t accept comments on the blog site because of moderating time; nor do I want spam and congestion from over-zealous people. If you rely on images or other appealing, colorful elements for engaging with a site, then my blog, regretfully, is not for you. But I appreciate your visit and, of course, your opinions. Love you all and thanks so much!

Ridiculous Stuff

Kind of ridiculous to feel like I MUST do this…

WARNING: Please, if you’re a Democrat, Liberal, Muslim, LGBT…, or so-called illegal immigrant, STOP READING NOW. I’d hate to trigger your feelings with what’s stated further below, which you may perceive as being hateful, racist, homophobic, insensitive…or some other word relating to your thoughts about my content if you were to continue reading. NOTE: You have been warned.

Political Ramblings

Anyhoo, I really enjoyed President Trump’s State of the Union speech. Snickered and even laughed while watching Democrats squirm in their seats. Some of their expressions about keeled me over. But there was a great moment of pride when both parties unified as Americans shouting “U.S.A.” in repetition. That moment is memorable, but now in the past, and doubtful to ever be seen again with President Trump in office.

Although I don’t agree with everything President Trump does, I don’t mind being categorized as one of the ‘deplorables‘ or ‘Trumptards‘. I don’t want Socialism or Shariah laws in this country, or illegal aliens disregarding our laws; nor agree to gun-control, late-term abortions or LGBT school materials targeting young children.

Some liberals call ‘Trumpsters‘ Nazis, when to me, it’s the Democrat party forcing a Nazi-like agenda to the masses. In my personal opinion, Democrats have become evil entities; I can’t help but abhor and despise some of them. Lord, forgive me!

Site Stuff

Okay, enough of my political ramblings. Onsite, you’ll notice I’ve added “Categories” to the menu, and now have “Pictures,” Updates,” “Videos” and “Writings” as sub-categories.

Also, I’ve added the page “PDIR” [Public Domain Image Release], which will not be shown on this site’s current theme menu. You’ll need to glance through blog posts to find out if the page has been updated with newly released image/images and to access the link to the page; or, you can bookmark the page and check it at your convenience.

Why a seemingly hidden page and no titled blog posts notifying of each public domain image release? Because I don’t want my site becoming a repository for public domain images with an all-time download availability for each image. Bandwidth and storage capacity are the main factors for using one-page to release the images.

Each time the PDIR page is updated, earlier released images will be permanently deleted. There is no specified time for releasing images or a specified amount of time for keeping them online. If you see an image you like, download ASAP because it could be replaced before you visit page again. Then again, could be available for months. LOL!

Public Domain Image Release Notification

The first images I’ve posted to the PDIR page are photographs of a flat tire, with rusted white rim. Yes, probably not the best subject for a first time look at page. LOL! But, hey, maybe someone can use them for something, right?

Background Info on Photographs: Hubby’s truck had right front tire blow as we were hauling a horse trailer loaded with two horses on I-20 from Louisiana to Texas. Happened in Louisiana. Talk about freaking out when it blew. Yikes! Truck swerved right to left and vice-versa like you can’t believe, but my honey kept everything under control. Thank God no cars or trucks were in the left lane or right on our tail, for there certainly would have been a wreck. Plus, parked with truck and trailer tilting over a ditch alongside the road…and vehicles zooming by at 70 MPH or more…made for an uncomfortable feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. Boy, was I glad to get the heck back into traffic. And home safe!

So, on February 7, 2019 (when PDIR page was published), I [Patricia Spork] released three of my shredded truck tire photograph images to the public domain.

  • Format: JPG
  • Resolution: 96 ppi
  • Image Size Range: 320×568 px to 568×320 px.
  • Download Size Range: 188-202 KB.

Click here to view and download the public domain images.

Whew! Long post. Outta here….