Patricia Spork Update – April 1, 2020

April Fool’s Day is here and I wonder if we’ve been fooled into thinking shut-down economies are truly for our health benefits or is their a sinister agenda underway by governments around the world to control its inhabitants to usher in the so-called New World Order. All I know is that sheltering-in-place and social distancing are not suitable constructs for social beings. No work and no play is no good for any individual. No income may mean no food, nor housing. Doing without can turn decent people into horrible people. Lawlessness can prevail in times of panic and turmoil. People are panicking and economies are in turmoil. Of course, blame these circumstances on CoVid-19. Blame the virus on China. And, as is always done by mainstream media, blame President Trump for everything. All are tooled scapegoats for greater societal control and fewer individuals’ rights. Ahhh, the jester has arrived! But who is the jester? Jesters? Only the jesters know…for sure! Happy April Fool’s Day, you fools!

In February, I was home five days. Mother was in the hospital nine days, and in rehabilitation (nursing home) for nine days. She had a virus (supposedly, not CoVid-19) and was in isolation at the hospital. I had to wear mask, gloves and gown when in her room. Thankfully, she’s home and doing well. She was fortunate enough to be released from the nursing home just prior to its lock-down against any visitors.

After returning home, husband and I came down with some respiratory crud. Dealt with that crap for two weeks. Recently, visited my mother and wore mask and gloves, for her protection, since her age, COPD and other health issues has her at high risk for any respiratory-related illness. And with CoVid-19 continuously spreading, will continue to wear mask and gloves in her presence, if we’re allowed to to cross state lines in the future.

Last week, my brother was in the hospital, then moved to a rehabilitation center, after having been over-medicated from a prescribed patch worn on his arm. He’d been on the daily-changed patch for two weeks. Needless to say, he’s no longer on that particular medication. No visitors, not even his wife, were allowed at hospital or the rehab center. Phone calls were the only way to communicate with him. He’s doing good and should be home this afternoon.

This past weekend, my husband and I delivered groceries and other items to my mother and sister-in-law. Some products taken to them were not available in their local stores. My brother’s home and mother’s home are in two different states, and our route to both homes is through Louisiana. Fortunately, we missed the mandatory quarantine for travelers from Louisiana to Texas that went into effect Monday.

I have a few items for my daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughters, yet to be delivered. My daughter has items for me. Family and close friends are constantly in touch about products in short supply or not on the shelves at all in certain areas. We locate and, if able, purchase needed items for one another. I imagine many people are doing like-wise.

My Thoughts: As time goes by, many more shortages may occur, especially if distribution is hindered more-so than it is now. Supply and demand may cause prices to inflate more, and with the economy worsening and the dollar continuously losing its value, hyperinflation may happen sooner than not. And with so many people unemployed, shopping for groceries could become a hazard to your health, and I’m not talking about the risk of CoVid-19, but about desperate people doing desperate things to feed themselves or family. So, shop with care. Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings, especially when you leave a store or load your vehicle with filled grocery bags. Same goes for unloading groceries when you get home. The world has become a wacky place, and as goes the world, so goes the people.

Note to Self: On a brighter note, do attempt to stay positive and be thankful for what you have, be it a job, a roof over your head, groceries in your cupboards, good health, or loving, supportive family or friends. Have faith things will improve over time. Life may not return to the normal as known in the past, but you can make life another type of normal in any situation thrust upon you. Trust in yourself to improve your circumstances no matter what obstacle is placed in your path. Care for those that need you. Care for yourself. Sweeten the sour. And remember…a little chocolate goes a long way in improving your mood.

Now, get yourself some chocolate. Oh, yah!

Take care!

Patricia Spork