Patricia Spork Update – June 10, 2020

Everything you read below are my personal opinions (fabricated imaginations/conspiracy theories) about the pandemic, protests and riots in the United States. WARNING: If you’re sensitive and triggered adversely by fabricated imaginings or conspiratorial theoretical negative opinions on these matters, than please stop reading and go elsewhere on the Internet. If you continue reading and are triggered adversely, your opinions, possibly too, may be fabricated imaginings and conspiracy theories; hence, the warning beforehand.

The United States is in a Civil War. The two sides in this war consist of Conservatives (Right-wingers/Christians/Patriots/Constitutionalists) and Liberals (Leftists/Progressives/Socialists/Communists). Conservatives are those of us who believe in and want to follow the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as intended and written by the founding fathers of the Republic of the United States. Conservatives honor the American Flag and consider President Trump the leader of our country as elected by the people of the United States. Liberals, on the other hand, would like nothing more than to burn the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the American flag and the White House (with President Trump in it). Liberals want our country in ashes, so they can rebuild a freedom-loving, mainly Christian and law-abiding society into a Communist dreamscape. What a freaking nightmare!

Liberals have divided the people in our country by using a number of tactics, such as speech correction and speech-suppression, gender ridiculousness, race-baiting and Christian persecution. They target the young, implanting socialist and communist ideologies, brainwashing multitudes in the educational system. In the process, they foment rebellious natures, which can and have torn apart family nuclei. The more divided our families, the more divided our country.

Politicians (RINOs [Republicans in Name Only] and Democrats) use legislature as weapons, limiting freedoms in our country, while expanding goals for the ‘dreamscape’. But there are Ogres (so-called Elites, Deep State, Shadow Government) working behind the scenes steering their minions (city, county and Federal government officials) forward to a New World Order, where a world government body will manage and control all countries to the same agenda of dictating this world’s citizens as to how to eat, work, sleep and piss in a pot, while taxing them to high heaven to fund other agendas, all in the guise of benefiting us peons, while ballooning Ogres’ bank accounts and portfolios with gold or other wealth-inducing stocks and resources.

Other cohorts in the New World Order agendas include corporate Ogres in the fields of technology and medicine, who want nothing more than to be rid of humans (the so-called “useless eaters”) and replace us with robots and artificial intelligence; of course, for the betterment of the earth and for the few remaining healthy humans that might survive the onslaught of a depopulation agenda, while the Ogres attempt to extend their own lives in one way or another.

And some Ogres and minions seem to need sustenance through satanical rituals for sexual perversions and “Spirit Cooking”, with a little cannibalism and adenochrome thrown in as side delights. Ogres and their minions don’t care about humanity as a whole. Humanity is what Ogres deem humanity, and their humanity probably doesn’t include you or me.

But the Ogres’ world order plans have been delayed, thanks to President Trump and his Knights in Shining Armor (patriots), who have been “draining the swamp” of Ogres’ minions, not only in the states, but around the world. Patriots of many nationalities and countries are fighting the good fight, exposing corruption and criminality festered by the Ogres’ demonic forces. Against insurmountable odds, these patriots are winning, and that fact enrages the Ogres, so they fight to maintain powers accumulated over many years. As this war between good and evil heightens in intensity, we (peace-loving and patriotic folks, and even the brain-washed lefties) are at increased risk of becoming ‘collateral damage’.

Ogres relish starting wars for profit-making or power-increasing reasons. Ogres don’t care who dies as long as their end goals are accomplished. Ogres will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, to cause death and destruction for a New World Order. And the Ogres will do ANYTHING to raise funds for their wars and other agendas, be it from drug smuggling or human trafficking, to child pornography and snuff films. ANYTHING to raise a dollar or more, ya know?

Because President Trump has FU’d the Ogres’ plans in more ways than one, they want him out of office, even want him dead. So the Ogres will do ANYTHING to get President Trump off their hairy a**es for the purpose of having a minion of their choosing as President of the United States, The Ogres want someone they can control, like they control other minions, maybe through brainwashing, blackmail or death threats against them or family members. So throughout President Trump’s term, he has had to defend himself against everything the Ogres’ have directed their minions to do to thwart and remove him.

Two prominent Ogre events this year are in progress now: Covid-19 pandemic, which caused lock-downs and social distancing, and the police reform peaceful protests that turned into full-blown riots.

Covid-19 pandemic, the so-called “plandemic”, is just that, for the Ogres probably had warted hands in its dissemination to collapse our nation’s economy, and to bring other countries to heel and kneel, as well. President Trump called for the re-openings of businesses and lock-downs to cease, but if you notice, it’s mainly Democrat-run states and cities hindering and delaying the re-openings and end of lock-downs, which means a much later recovery for our economy. The Ogres wanted the lock-downs to continue into next year, and since that didn’t happen here, as planned, they are trying something new. Riots!

Ogres used the circumstances of an individual’s death to further bring down an economy that was trying to move forward in a fledgling recovery. So, the Ogres, along with their minions, called out their armies of anarchists and terrorists to infiltrate the peaceful protesters and reign terror and destruction in our cities. Even going as far as having an infiltrated mass trying to invade, and possibly occupy and destroy, the White House, and maybe even attempt to assassinate our president.

Ogres will do ANYTHING to get rid of President Trump. Ogres will do ANYTHING to win the upcoming elections for their chosen candidate. Ogres don’t care about you. Your deaths mean nothing to them. Look what happened during the pandemic with Covid-19 fatalities, especially those in nursing homes. Murder happened in nursing homes in Democrat-run states, when positive patients were allowed admittance. Government officials who knowingly allowed the tragedies should be held responsible.

Some of the main street media, health experts and health organization officials – more Ogres’ minions – are lying to the public about known prophylactics and treatments for Covid-19, while some fortunate leaders around the world are treated with medications denied you. Ogres appear to live longer than the average individual. Ever wonder why? The knowingly complicit should be held accountable for deaths, too.

Ogres take the meat of your earnings, for you are nothing to Ogres except as worker ants, so they can harness your tax dollars for swindling and laundering, or suck you into donating to charities that advance their world order goals. Ogres are greedy. Ogres love money. Ogres love power. Money is power. Power bleeds control. Control bleeds you. Ogres are bloodsuckers.

Ogres don’t care if you fall to violence, that’s why the riots, the burning and looting, the violence leading to injuries and deaths. Ogres don’t care! HEEL and KNEEL! Ogres don’t care the color of your skin or nationality. If you can be used as an Ogre’s pawn or as a minion’s pawn during the Ogre’s war against humanity, and you or your family and friends are injured or killed in any way, so be it. DIE! Ogres don’t care! Ogres have selected themselves to be the selected few to dominate this world and dominate you. HEEL and KNEEL or DIE!

To reach their goals, Ogres must eliminate President Trump and his supporters, even if it means taking out minions’ supporters and pawns, even minions and other Ogres. Each Ogre has true allegiance to none but self. As long as an Ogre gets what it craves, whenever it craves, it’s fairly content. But chaos is an Ogre’s master. Ogres crave and thrive on chaos. Ogres salivate to turn serene conditions into catastrophic tragedies. Slobbering monsters!

Ogres will not hesitate to destroy anyone to reach their goals, so expect more of ANYTHING to happen as the elections draw closer. Oh, and Ogres love to cheat, if to their advantage. Wonder yet why there’s so much ado about mail-in ballots for the upcoming elections? Yes, Ogres will do ANYTHING to get their minions in positions of power.


ANYTHING to trample upon your rights. ANYTHING to devour your livelihoods! ANYTHING to make you heel and kneel. ANYTHING to feed upon you until you turn to dust or ashes, which could happen as their pawns raze fires around the world. But ANYTHING could happen anytime.

Knowing all these things, what can you do?

Consider doing as I…expect the unexpected, handle ANYTHING situations as best you can, and fight back…peacefully, unless in immediate danger. Control fear. Speak out! Vote! Don’t hesitate to help or defend fellow man, woman or child in need. Call out the Ogres and their minions, even the pawns. Bring horrendous, treacherous, treasonous, seditious lies, deeds and crimes to light. Let justice against humanity’s villains be done by lawful means. Pray for our President and his family, our country, and yourself. Pray for loved ones and those around you. Pray for people in other countries effected in similar ways as us. And pray for the Ogres, their minions and pawns, for they have lost their souls while being led astray by the darkest of foes.

Back, you Demons! Back!

Strive to be united, not divided. Spread love and peace!

Patricia Spork