Patricia Spork Update July 18, 2020

On Mother’s Day, my healthy, glorified chicken-killing 14-month-old Keeda (sweet and lovable, yet dominating and aggressive baby-girl, Akita/Pit Bull mix) was laid to rest. A couple of weeks ago, old-man Dozer (13-year-old English Bull Mastiff with the stubborn, hard-ass determination and spirit of John Wayne) was laid to rest. Yesterday, cancer-ridden Chewy (11-year-old German Shepherd/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix with the mind of an innocent child and the heart of a lion; although, frightened by lightning, gunfire, fireworks and the dark) was laid to rest. All were loyal dogs. All were loved. All are missed.

Loss is a bitch. Loss dampens the soul, aches the heart and turmoils the mind. Loss happens when loved ones (humans or pets) die. Loss happens when physically or mentally incapacitated. Loss happens when freedoms are restricted.

Mandatory mask wearing is restricting freedoms, especially the freedom to breathe properly. My personal opinion is mandatory mask wearing is to hasten the further collapse of our economy in hopes President Trump will not be re-elected. Some people want to boycott buying at stores requiring mandatory masks or limit their time and money spending at the stores. I’m of the mind, wear the damn mask in the damned stores and spend like I normally would, but drop the mask below nostrils to f%#king breathe. Screw ‘em! I will help keep the economy going.

The fake-out of Covid-19 exaggerated positive cases is coming to light, as well as making the public, especially voters, aware of the government officials embracing freedom-limiting policies. They cause our losses with their mandates, we can cause theirs at the polls or in court. As for the stores, if I can shop somewhere else where masks are not required to be worn to shop, then by all means, I’d shop there if given that option, which nowadays seems highly unlikely considering the fists of powers at play.

Well, I’m not a f#*king game piece! I’m tired of being treated as such, so will defy as much as able in my position as a pawn, just enough where maybe I won’t be jailed, injured or killed for my mask-defying defiance.

And by gosh, the stores ought to be supplying the masks if PPE [Personal Protection Equipment] is required. Why should I foot the cost of masks, even if its just a bandanna mask? By law, shouldn’t the stores supply them upon entering their doors? Another situation of my loss, someone else’s gain, huh?

And if I must wear a mask in public, shouldn’t the city, county, or state provide my masks? I think so!

Some people are so fear-mongered about Covid-19, they drive in cars while wearing a mask. Guess they figure in a car out in public they must wear masks. Now mind you, this is Texas, where most people keep car windows closed and run the air conditioners. Makes no sense to me, at all! What a loss of freedom for those individuals. Free-will reigned in! I feel sad for these people, unknowingly being manipulated by media, corporations and government officials for political or monetary purposes. Don’t ya know someone is making money off of masks, Covid-19 test kits, Covid-19 pharmaceutical treatments and Covid-19 stated hospitalizations and deaths? Again, losses for pawns, and many gains for main ‘players’.

Consider reading these “Mask Facts”, then ask yourself, why are there requirements to wear masks? Also, ask yourself, if Covid-19 is so dangerous, why aren’t used masks required to be destroyed as bio-hazard materials? Why are washable fabric masks being sold? (HINT: Another money-maker?) And…why are we wearing masks?

Anyway, loss is a bitch, but I wouldn’t bitch if I lost Covid-19 required masks, for good. Masks are for Halloween and Mardi Gras, not for grocery shopping.

I’m reminded of a Johnny Paycheck song when I sing in mind, “Take This Mask and Shove It”. Ahh, you get my drift, don’t ya?

Miss my dogs. And miss smiles, now hidden by masks. What a loss.

Loss is a bitch!

Smile, people, smile!