Patricia Spork Update – August 17, 2020

There’s many things I don’t know a lot about, like finance; for example, when cleaning toilets (or anything else) I consider myself the “plunge protection” team, and I’m the only member. LOL! I had to come up with some type of humor while letting you know one thing I’m most familiarized with…the loss of a loved one

Today would have been my son’s 39th birthday. It’s been 20 years since celebrating Casey’s last actual aging birthday, and sad thing is, I can’t recall how the day was celebrated, whether I was with him or not, or wished birthday greetings and love via a phone call. Every year since Casey’s passing, on his birth date, I strive to recall some small detail of the long-ago day, with no luck. Not remembering aches my heart.

I’ve lit a hunter green candle in memory of my son. I’m not certain of the actual fragrance, but has an evergreen tree scent. I purchased the unused, large glass jar candle at a thrift store, and the glass-lidded container has no labels. I label the candle a token of love for Casey.

So as the candle burns, I’ll burn up some energy and time and get into the plunge protection mode, a mode that works well for me in keeping sad thoughts at bay.

God bless the children!