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Patricia Spork Update June 8, 2018

Patricia Spork Update June 8, 2018

So much important news occurs daily that I’ve focused more on sharing some of that news on social media, rather than writing news-related opinions here. And with all the censorship occurring, I totally stopped making videos. I’d just started learning about how to create them. Needless to say, enthusiasm dwindled for my video site and my blog.

I’m getting excited again, since a new video site will be launching in July. I’ve been approved for an account, but not certain it will be activated because account content to be approved before activation allowed. Videos done within past few months are not high-quality content, so I won’t upload them at new site. And new videos, yet made to upload there, probably won’t be either, since newbie at video creation and not very good presenter…yet. If account rejected, I’ll keep making videos, but not certain where to eventually upload them.

Many future videos will be news-related. Main social media account is news related. Decided, as a break from news, to use the blog for a Web-ready image service. See an image you like, you’ll be able to download it for personal and commercial use without attribution requirement; although, attribution would be appreciated. If you appreciate my image service and want to support the endeavor, you’ll be able to pay for the service in whatever amount you deem fair and reasonable via a link to payment processor, or mail me a personal check or USPS money order.

Mind you, most images will be animals and flowers, of which, I have many…too many. Some image subjects may not be identified, while others may. Some images derived via scans of original photo prints from 35mm film negatives, while others derived from digital camera photographs. All Web-ready images will have been manipulated or enhanced in some way in photo-editing software.

I’ll be posting some Web-ready images (with usage rights), for download purchase, at Sorrel Sunflower and continue (slowly) to add various products to that online store.

Not certain when I’ll begin the change-over here. Don’t expect speediness from this old turtle. I’ll send an update when I have something to tell you.

Take care, God bless, and maintain a positive attitude.


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