Plot for Valentine’s Day

Words used incorrectly in some article sentences or image captions found during reading of articles in December 2017 and January/February 2018 were used in a free-flow fiction writing exercise imposed upon myself this morning. Valentine’s Day is the theme. Shopping for Valentine’s Day became the story plot, since the first incorrect word used was “plot,” which inspired the shopping idea; hence, the title: Plot for Valentine’s Day.

Some editing occurred after the exercise.

In the fiction short story further below, incorrect word is bold and linked to its corresponding article. Correct word (I believe should be.) is bold italic and follows somewhere after the linked word. Note: As of two days ago, two of the links lead to articles no longer accessible.

Here’s the story:

Plot for Valentine’s Day

by Patricia Spork

Plot for Valentine’s Day has gone to pot as caring for my sweet other has me carrying too much non-nutritional food in my arms as I foot through the store without buggy or basket.

Torn right sole is flopping as I walk, and another person just stole a pernicious glance my way. Is the flop-flop-flopping that loud…that annoying? Expect more…except I can’t, for lover’s day diverts my attention to a plush bear with heart paws. But a giraffe form has a “From” tag attached, and a naked troll, head pored with red hair, beckons purchase. Its large, round, pale blue eyes poured love-lorn. I bundle the irresistible doll on top of a “golf war” book, then seek a Gulf War documentary DVD, of which, don”t find.

On way to register, a red and white shoe-horse dress,  or should I say, a horseshoe dress, catches my eye. Like I need a patterned dress more than new shoes. Right! And like a horse on a lead, I wind up in the shoe department.

Later, large-size dress slung over left shoulder and two shoe boxes beneath everything else in my arms, I press self to leave, but the pees get to me, so I breeze to nearby restroom before paying and exiting store, along with other disgruntled-looking buyers. We appear (in my opinion) like aggravated bees swarming from a disturbed hive.

Walking to my utility vehicle, four large bags of merchandise in hand, I realize I’m victim of an unintended Valentine’s Day shopping plot.



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