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This Privacy Policy applies to domain. This website is operated by Patricia Spork. Content is not intended for children under the age of 18 without direct supervision from a parent or legal guardian.

Any data gathered at is used for support, customer service, website analytics and sharing this site’s content to social media accounts.

Personal information (name, e-mail address, mailing address, payment transaction information, etc.) gathered by is confidential. Personally, I do not give, sell, rent or exchange your data with third parties, except for information required by third-party services/plug-ins/widgets, such as:

  • When you opt-in to subscribe to RSS feed reader (Google feedburner) or subscribe for blog post email delivery (Google feedburner service), or use the online contact form (Very Simple Contact Form plug-in) to e-mail me or when you make support payments using my payment processors (PayPal/PayPal Me)
  • When you browse or download anything at…data is gathered (for analytical purposes) by my website host ( and Google’s feedburner, such as, pages visited and for how long, and what type of various files or features are accessed. Note: As far as I know, my WordPress theme site does not use cookies, but some of the embedded plug-ins/widgets might, so cookies may be stored on your computer. Cookies permit user recognition and avoid repetitive requests for the same information. Most browsers accept cookies unless you change browser settings to refuse them.
  • When you use the “Sassy Share” plug-in/widget for sharing content to social media sites by clicking one or more of the associated site’s buttons. Or when you click on the Twitter bird icon (Social Media Widget) to “Follow Me”. (Note: No longer tweeting at Twitter.) As a result, makes requests to social media servers (Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc.) for you to be able to share my webpages using your social media accounts or to access my social media page. These requests may collect your IP address, your web browser User Agent, store and retrieve cookies on your browser, embed additional tracking, or monitor your interaction with the plugin/widget.
  • Embedded videos are hosted by (NO ONE AT THIS TIME 5/20/20) so viewer information is collected for view counts and possibly other analytics. If not embedded, links to video channel or video pages are provided from this site to my video channel (Sporkette/Sporkplodes) at
  • Products (tangible or downloads) are listed (Nowhere at this time 5/20/20). Sales pages there may be linked to from this site.( THEY-whomever I use) may collect visitor data for analytical purposes. If a purchase is made, even if transaction is completed in person, customer information is collected for communication and transaction process, or for other purposes for completion of transaction. Their terms of service and privacy policy apply when you visit or are a member of their site or sites.

To find out more information about how these third-parties use your data, review their privacy policies (or app/plug-in/widget info), for one or more will apply to you when browsing or interacting at Links provided below to sites where you should be able to locate each site’s terms and policies:



PayPal/PayPal Me

Sassy Social Share (by Heateor)

Social Media Widget

Very Simple Contact Form (Creator)



I follow reasonable technical and management practices to help protect the confidentiality of any data stored and only keep data for as long as reasonably needed. I may disclose your information to third parties if it’s necessary to protect my legal rights; if the information relates to actual or threatened harmful conduct; or if required by law if I receive legal process. By using, you agree to this Privacy Policy. I may modify the Privacy Policy by posting a new version on at any time without notification to anyone. Read Terms of Use. Read Additional Disclaimer. operates AS-IS and AS-AVAILABLE, without liability of any kind. We ( Spork) are not responsible for any events beyond our direct control. Terms of Use takes precedence over this Privacy Policy. This Policy governed by Texas law, excluding conflicts of law principles. Any legal actions against or Patricia Spork must commence in Rusk County in the state of Texas in the United States of America. Patricia Spork