ReadViewThink – January 12, 2020

NOTE: Friday night storms caused electrical outage, so didn’t publish this blog post yesterday. The post below was compiled and written on the 10th.

I don’t know about you, but the gargantuan amount of news covering the impeachment fiasco, the tragic plane crash in Iran, and the family affairs of U.K.’s royalty is all marmalade souring to me. Not that all aren’t important topics, but it urks me how journalists change the slant of each, seemingly forever and a day, just to fodder daily news articles for media outlets.

Is there a contest to keep one topic in the news for the longest period of time? Do editors not get tired of reading rehashed material? Why is so much of the smorgasbord published? Are there really that many news consumers wanting to read and reread the refreshed and recycled crap every freaking day?

Anyhoo, thank gosh for writers presenting other news, attracting my clicks and views. You’re my heroes!

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High-schooler discovers brand-new planet just 3 days into NASA internship…


‘Sexist’ Ad Banned for Having the Word ‘Girl’ in It

YouTube Temporarily Hides Viral Interview with Alex Jones from Joe Rogan’s Most Popular Uploads


Hermits Excommunicated After Accusing Pope Francis of Heresy


Europe’s Nigerian Mafia

Fake agents ‘scammed Sandy Hook charity out of more than $100,000 with false promise…


Firefox attacks: Homeland Security urges all users to update browsers

Christmas ransomware attack hit New York airport servers

Amazon claims shopping browser extension Honey is a ‘security risk’ that harvests customer data…

Some NYC subway commuters with Apple Pay on their phones are accidentally getting charged twice…


Tucker Carlson Debunks Claim There is an “Epidemic” of Transgenders Being Murdered


University of Connecticut Student Narrowly Avoids Jail For Using the N-Word


Three more heartburn drugs recalled over fears they contain cancer-causing chemicals…

23andMe signs deal with drug firm to make treatments…out of an antibody it created using its customers’ DNA


At least 10 dead in SW Pakistan mosque bombing: police


CBO: Immigration Has ‘Negative Effect on Wages’


Woman sues Mormon church after it reported her husband’s confession of sexually abusing their daughter to police

Court blocks Air Force from discharging HIV+ service members

Project Veritas Action Fund Defends Citizens’ First Amendment Rights for Undercover Secret Recording…

Brazil’s top court…overturns ban on…film portraying Jesus as a gay…


‘The Incredible Hulk’ actor to become deputy in New Mexico

“Zipper Killing” Americans: A Police Tactic Of Killing People In A Hail Of Gunfire


…Shocking Boeing Emails Reveal Contempt For Management, FAA


French Department Reveals 80 Percent of Minor Migrants Are Really Adults

Tesla’s “Black Boxes” Are Only Accessible By The Company (Not NTSB Or NHTSA) After Crashes

Ex-Green Beret…pardoned by Trump is refused…Special Forces designation reinstated

Colorado Allows Transgender Residents ‘New’ Birth Certificate, No Surgery Required

India to blow up luxury high-rises over environmental violations


Texas becomes first state to opt out of refugee resettlement under new Trump order

FBI Finds NEW Clinton Emails

Cowardly Virginia Democrats Ban Public Guns From Capitol Buildings


Boy…shot female teacher dead and wounded five pupils…at Mexican private school…

China mourns native paddlefish scientists say is now extinct


Iranian national ‘armed with a machete, ax and knives and carrying $22,000 in cash’ is arrested…four miles from Mar-a-Lago…

Women Overtake Men as Majority of U.S. Workforce

The incredible moment an ‘upside down waterfall’ forms in Denmark…