ReadViewThink – January 14, 2020

Foreign matter in left eye is lengthening time taken to do this blog post. Grrrr. Hopefully soon, I’ll get the eyelash or minute particle flushed out of my eye. Frustrating that I can’t see what is causing eye irritation. What a way for the morning to begin. Blagh!

Good news is I can read with the other eye. Can’t imagine not being able to read. The somber thought of losing sight in both eyes makes me think how fortunate I am to have sight at all.

Okay, enough about this newest minor inconvenience and on to some of the articles I found interesting to read.

Oh, and may your day start off better than mine. Yah!

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Jerusalem rabbi arrested on suspicion of enslaving 50 women, children


Iranian Regime Blocks Internet Access as Protests Continue


New 50 cent coin is released to commemorate the 50th anniversary of one of Australia’s most iconic rail journeys


…Shocking new statistics reveal HALF of all suspects charged over stabbing deaths in London have already been before the courts for a weapons offence

Mueller Probe Witness Faces 30 Years In Jail After Guilty Plea To Second Child Porn Charge


Two States. Eight Textbooks. Two American Stories

High school’s ‘Redmen’ mascot — deemed racist, offensive — got booted last year. But new GOP-controlled school board just brought it back


US government clips the wings of its civilian drone programme…over Chinese spying fears


James Taylor: Record Farm Yields Contradict Climate Doomsayers’ Claims


Iraqi journalist and cameraman are ‘assassinated’ in their car after reporting on anti-government protests in Basra


Colorado judge issues first gun confiscation denial under new red flag gun law

Wisconsin election commissioners refused to remove 209,000 people from voter rolls. Now a judge has found them in contempt of court

Judge hands Trump admin a victory against the ACLU on family separations at the border


Lancet: The Only Way to Stop Racism Is ‘to Eliminate Whiteness All Together’

Mother…may have to declare…son ‘non-binary’ so he can keep…long hair at secondary school

29 bodies unearthed from Mexican mass grave


Crazy California Democrats just destroyed freelance journalism in their state, limiting writers to just 35 articles per year

Germany will ban burning of Israeli and other state flags

EU Removes National Flags From European Parliament, Farage Says


Washington Gov. Pushes Ban on ‘Assault Weapons,’ ‘High Capacity’ Mags

WATCH: NRA Members Flood into VA Senate Hallways to Fight Gun Grab


Windows 7 discontinues support today! Can old computers and Office still work?


William Barr: Pensacola Navy Base Shooting was ‘Act of Terrorism’


Loud boom rattles homes across Southeast Texas, but what was it?


Review: Kris ‘Tanto’ Paronto’s ‘The Patriot’s Creed’