ReadViewThink – January 21, 2020

Phew! I was so glad no violent incidents occurred at the gun rally in Virginia yesterday. Born a Virginian, I am disappointed with the gun control efforts advancing in the state. Being a woman who believes in self-protection and hunting using firearms (if and when needed) and a believer in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, I supported the pro-Second Amendment attendees.

Damn shame how mainstream media portrayed the lobby day and rally participants as being white supremacists and white nationalists. Media propagandists seems to strive on creating racial tension in one way or another. I imagine the disappointment when the day ended without a major conflict to report. Awww, too bad…for them. Love it!

Hoping by providing some of my daily reads to you, you’ll better understand my disdain for inaccurate reporting. Making mistakes is one thing, but pushing blatant lies is another. And being a biased journalist or news reporter is not a justifiable excuse for any false reporting. Higher standards in journalism need to be met with factual truth reported; otherwise, there should be consequences for any ‘knowingly’ inaccurate and biased reporting done by paid professionals. Also, media outlets and networks allowing false reporting should be held accountable…totally shut-down and out-of-business.

Okay, ranted enough. LOL!

Oh, my cousin’s surgery went well and she’s on the road to recovery. Praise the Lord! And blessed be your day!

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