ReadViewThink – January 22, 2020

President Trump’s speech at the World Economic Forum impressed me so much I may watch it again today. Not only did he speak of our improved economy under his administration, but he spoke about the future possibilities of its continued growth. And provided a little insight about certain alarmist strategies and gave warning against them. All in all, the speech was inspiring and made me proud of our president and his accomplishments.

In my opinion, while enduring continuous attacks against him by his opponents, President Trump has moved our country’s economy forward. He has proven, to me, he wants betterment of our country and the people’s livelihoods in the United States of America. He, to me, will continue to fight against all negative forces thwarting his efforts.

Consider for the moment how President Trump donates his salary; yet, he works hard at his job to carry out presidential tasks. Almost insurmountable obstacles are thrust in his path as he attempts to realize his dreams for our country’s improvement. He’s constantly hindered by one opposing power or another, which hinders time needed for further advancement of his goals.

I admire President Trump for his tenacity. He stands strong even when attempts are made to weaken him. I stand strong for him.

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