ReadViewThink – January 24, 2020

News of the coronavirus spreading out of China has me concerned, especially considering a biohazard lab is in Wuhan, where the pathogen appears to have originated. And because China has quarantined several cities in an attempt to contain further spread of the virus. But the attempt is too late, since people in other countries have been diagnosed as having the virus.

You know the virus has to be quite dangerous if entire cities are locked-down. I can’t understand why a world emergency hasn’t been declared and travel from country to country limited or halted. I know economies would suffer greatly with travel bans, but lives could be saved.

Before a world pandemic is “possibly” officially announced, I’m going to stock up on some extra food, water, and cold medicines, so as to limit trips to town. Maybe even some N95 respirator face masks to wear in public, just in case the virus affects residents in my local community. Better to be a little prepared than not.

If you think I’m fear-mongering, I’m not. What’s happening in China could happen in the United States or anywhere else in the world. A tad bit of fore-thinking and a little prepping for worst-case scenarios, to me, are natural acts spurred by a sense of survival. In my view, no one can be totally—mentally or physically—prepared for any disaster or emergency. But to not do anything to prepare beforehand, while the coronavirus spreads around the world, is to me, a foolish mistake that could lead to a fatal outcome. Not to say my efforts wouldn’t stop me from getting the virus, but then again, they might. I pray we don’t soon find out.

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