Happy New Year 2020!

I toasted the New Year with a wine glass filled with apple juice. Yum! No resolutions for me, since never keep them. LOL!

ReadViewThink is my site’s newest category, where I share links to news articles or videos I found interesting. This post contains a list of headlines linking to news I read this past week…ending 2019 and beginning 2020.

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Europe: Anti-Christian Attacks Reach All-Time High In 2019

Iraqi Muslims Caught Selling Shoes Made to ‘Trample the Cross’


U.S. Begins Returning Asylum Seekers at Arizona Border to Mexico


Twitter Scrubs Viral Trump Retweet Of Alleged Hoaxblower’s Name; Blames Glitch Before Banning User

YouTube Says It Mistakenly Banned Hundreds of Bitcoin Videos, Still Hasn’t Restored Them

New York Times cuts ‘racist’ study from widely-condemned Brett Stephens op-ed conceding it ‘left impression he was arguing that Jews are genetically superior’

Cambridge Researchers Launch ‘Hate O’Meter’ Software to Treat ‘Hate Speech’ as ‘Malware’


Guardian Angels to patrol Jewish neighborhoods in New York City after five people were stabbed with a machete at a Hanukkah party in a rabbi’s home


AP: California Has Most ‘Mass Slayings’ in 2019 Despite Stringent Gun Control


“Unknown” Viral Pneumonia Outbreak In China Has Hong Kong, Taiwan Worried About SARS

Avian Flu Outbreak Hits Europe’s Largest Poultry Producers


“Intensive Shootings” – US Consulate Warns Of Gun Battle In Mexican Border City

Iran’s Top Military Commander, Qasem Suleimani, Assassinated In US Airstrike

Libyan Rebels Shoot Down Turkish Plane Moments After Ankara Approves Sending Troops

Taiwan’s Top Military Leader And Senior Officers Killed In Helicopter Crash


Judge Exempts 70,000 Truckers From California ‘Gig Worker’ Law

British tribunal to decide whether veganism should be protected as a belief


Data leak by smart home device company Wyze exposes personal details of 2.4 million users including email addresses and health data

Horrifying moment a Texas homicide cop’s car is hit by a Molotov cocktail in the SECOND attack on his home in a week

Hustler sent lawmakers Christmas cards showing President Trump shot dead in the street

Protests After German State Broadcaster Features Children Singing About Their Grandmas Being “Environmental Pigs” For Eating Meat

Venezuela Rings in New Year with Nationwide Gasoline Shortages

U-Haul to stop hiring nicotine users in 21 states

Transgender Germans demand compensation for sterilisation


UN Moves Towards Handing Dictatorships Power To Control The Internet

TX Pastor Thanks Government for Allowing Armed Parishioners

Obama’s NSC Holdovers Finally Booted After Three Years Of Non-Stop Leaks


Reddit User Reportedly Admits Murdering Elderly Trump Supporters in Nursing Home


Eight-year-old girl becomes youngest person in Michigan to successfully hunt an elk, bringing down a 700-pound animal with a rifle from 200 yards

Three mountain lions euthanized after being found feeding on a human body in Arizona

Father, 30, and his nine-year-old daughter are accidentally shot dead while hunting in South Carolina after fellow hunters mistook them for deer

Victoria bushfire and NSW inferno could form one mega blaze


Veterans group searches for Hawaii family of WWII soldier


Indonesia plans cloud seeding to halt rain, floods death toll rises to 43