ReadViewThink – January 8, 2020

By the time this post is distributed today, President Trump will have spoken to the public this morning about last night’s Iranian missile attacks on a U.S. military bases in Iraq. There are many people in our country and around the world concerned about another world war occurring. Do these same people not realize we’ve been at war with terrorists for years, that innocent civilians and military personnel, here in our country and abroad, have lost lives in the process?

Engaging terrorists foments more attacks. Terrorists will never be eliminated. Terrorists thrive on causing death and destruction. Terrorists must be met with counter-attacks or else we’d all be subdued by them. Hopefully, President Trump will provide harsh punishment for the blatant attacks on our military bases.

If this happens and you stand against our President, then that means, to me, you are a fool, and you stand with terrorists, and you are enemy to the United States of America.

No one in right mind wants a world war. No one in right mind wants family members or friends in designated war zones. No one in right mind wants major terrorists attacks in our country. No one in right mind would shirk the responsibility of fighting for what is held dear.

So, if not having done so already, prepare mentally and physically to defend yourself and others against terrorists, here or abroad. Prepare to die for your beliefs, just as terrorists die for their beliefs.

But attempt never to lose empathy or compassion for your fellow human beings, enemies or not, for then your soul would be totally lost in darkness. And without soul, there would be no light on the path for peaceful resolutions in the future.

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