ReadViewThink – November 4, 2020

I’m infuriated! I wake this morning expecting great news about President Trump winning the election for another four-year term, only to find out vote counting has been stopped and will continue today for mail-in-ballots. Pretty weird that voting was halted when President Trump was ahead in swing states, such as Pennsylvania and Georgia. To top that, Biden has 238 Electoral votes to President Trump’s 213. And Biden is ahead in the Popular Vote. I call BULLCRUD!

As expected, Democrats are cheating to win this election.

One good thing, Texas did not flip to Blue. Of course, that could change if somehow a crap-load of mail-in-ballots mysteriously appear, requiring counting, too. Heck, those ghost ballots could materialize in any state President Trump has already won.

But President Trump will fight the election fraud, as he more or less states in his early morning speech. See video below:

President Donald Trump & Vice President Mike Pence Election Night Remarks

Many Americans are going to be infuriated today at this news. But we know who won this election, and it’s not Lying, Corrupt, Cheating Biden. Now, this fact must be proven…in the courts. Shame, shame.

Go Trump! Kick Biden’s arse some more.

Stay positive. Check in with y’all later.

Patricia Spork