Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

During the past few weeks, much has happened in my life that has had me forego the blog, but I have stayed abreast of the news. I’ve accumulated several pages of links to articles read and videos viewed. There are way too many links to list in this blog post. More than likely, future posts will have a combination of old and new links until I catch you up on some of the items read and viewed over the past several weeks.

As to why I’ve been lax in blogging, I’ve been assisting my mother as she transitions through lifestyle changes. After several doctor and specialist appointments, and tests, my mother was prescribed oxygen therapy for severe COPD. If you can believe it, all began with dental oral surgery, when anesthesia could not be safely administered because her blood oxygen saturation level was too low. Until her oxygen level reaches a minimum threshold, Mom cannot have a decayed back tooth removed.

Besides oxygen therapy, Mother is having to use a nebulizer for breathing treatments. Sadly, Mom’s smoker’s past has caught up with her. Helping her adjust to daily routine changes is priority, as is making certain doctor’s appointments and instructions are maintained and adhered to for positive results.

My mother is a strong and independent individual. Patience is not one of her many good virtues, nor is it mine. LOL! So you may imagine what a difficult time all these changes are having upon us. If you pray, please pray for us to have patience during these trying times, and pray my mother’s health improves, especially so she can have her oral surgery sooner, than later. Thank you!

I’ve listed three items further below that I’ve read/viewed. I’ll publish this blog post today, but it may not be distributed via e-mail until tomorrow, since time for distribution is set between 11:00 a.m-1:00 p.m., and time is now almost noon. I’ve no idea when I’ll be able to post again, so hopefully you have a patience virtue. Haha!

Until next time, take care, have fun, and tell all you love how much you love them

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