ReadViewThink July 24, 2020

May seem crazy to you, but I anticipated a pandemic years ago, especially after reading about Pandemic Bonds. I was concerned enough, I did a video about the bonds. For reasons from my own way of thinking, I figured the pandemic would begin in Africa, so I was surprised it began in China. I really didn’t think the Chinese government had a hand in the release of the virus, but rather that the “Ogres” implemented the so-called “plandemic”. As more damning information has arisen, I’ve changed my mind. Apparently, the Chinese leaders worked hand-in-hand with the “Ogres” as a way to subdue countries worldwide to bring in the New World Order, with China as the dominant country and Communism the world’s governing creed. Not that I hadn’t already seen China becoming a power-house with its expansion around the world as it financed many projects and purchased many holdings from within other countries, and its new Silk Road tying several together.

Over the years, I watched and was concerned by the Chinese stealth creep in the states, with the Confucius Schools on campuses, the buying of real estate and businesses throughout our country, and the vast amount of “Made in China” products…mainly offered for middle and low-income families to purchase, with most consumers unknowingly paying for our country’s demise as a manufacturing leader. I’ve seen how communism has corrupted politics and education in America, making Communists of some of our most susceptible citizens., and making greedy people wealthier as they warmed to the flames of the dragon and abetted in coaxing the reptile’s winged flight. Now, finally, the dragon is exposed more prominently, the danger made more obvious as Marxist communist riots hit cities and a Chinese consulate is closed, while another housed and protected a probable spy (arrested today).

I can’t blame China for all the problems in the United States, but I can blame socialist and communist ideologies for the vast majority of illness sickening this country, and I’m not talking about the pandemic, but rather the mind-sets of individuals intent on destroying the Republic of the United States. My solutions to the problems would be considered barbaric, so I’ll keep those in mind only. But I will continue to share my personal opinions and provide information I find interesting.

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