I enjoy using my original photographs to create simple digital art by using filters and frames in photo-editing software. The other day (1/24/19), while waiting for a call to pick up hubby’s truck from dealership ( having faulty air bags replaced), I diddled with a couple of photos I’d taken of him (John).

One of the original photographs used is of John holding a strainer bowl filled with boiled shrimp. During our Christmas 2017 family gathering, we had a shrimp boil. Our Cajun-style meal included shrimp gumbo, with red bean rice as another side dish. Yum, huh?

“SHRIMP BOIL” Copyright 2019 Patricia Spork

The other photo used is of John holding a bow-hunting boar target he’d gifted himself. He’d just unpacked the monstrosity. Boy thrilled!

“BOAR HOLD” Copyright 2019 Patricia Spork

You’re welcome to download “Shrimp Boil” and “Boar Hold” digital art for Internet Personal Use Only to complement blog articles as long as you credit each image use with its title and my copyright notice (Copyright 2019 Patricia Spork), and don’t use in slanderous, libelous or pornographic way. Right click on each JPG image to download and save to your computer or other electronic device.(Note: ‘Shrimp Boil” 600×800 pixels – 371 KB, “Boar Hold” 800×450 pixels – 213 KB)

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Appreciate ya! ~Patricia Spork