I’ve shut down the Sorrel Sunflower online store. I didn’t have many products there, and just couldn’t get enthused enough to work on it like I should have done. That’s happened with other online store efforts. I’m just more into direct sales, rather than online sales. I like personal interaction with customers and meeting interesting people. Maybe because I’m a talker. LOL!

Also, I closed the online store because of the newest tax regulations. I’m a very small business, just me, and jewelry-making is more like a hobby, with the fringe benefit of making sales. And if I’m having to pay sales taxes, I’d much rather Texas get those taxes, rather than other states. Besides, I don’t want to research legalities of selling my products in other states, nor be hindered with more paperwork. And shipping costs continue to increase. So, decided to sell to Texas residents only, which I mainly do anyway. I know that limits my sales reach, but it’s not like I’m trying to become a major business, for I’m not.

Hoping to get more Texas customers, I created, today, a Sorrel Sunflower page at a social media site, where I’ll be posting information about jewelry I offer for sale in my local area. To see the page, and follow it, you have to join the social media site as a member. If interested, please do. The page is public on the site, so any member can view the page and leave comments.

On occasion, I’ll post jewelry info on this blog, in the Sorrel Sunflower category. May even do a jewelry video or two. Who knows. Heck, I don’t even know what I’m going to do until I get a hankering to do it, and then, I still might not do it. LOL!

Okay, that’s it for now. Toodles and hugs!