Patricia Spork Update June 8, 2018

Patricia Spork Update June 8, 2018 So much important news occurs daily that I’ve focused more on sharing some of that news on social media, rather than writing news-related opinions here. And with all the censorship occurring, I totally stopped making videos. I’d just started learning about how to create them. Needless to say, enthusiasm […]

What Happened to Patricia Spork

What Happened to Patricia Spork? Wondered what happened to me to cause no blog postings in past couple of months? Here’s a list of the main reasons: 1. Brother had stroke/seizure and hospitalized, twice, and now in rehabilitation center. Therapy is ongoing with good results. 2. Youngest grandson had surgery and is doing well. 3. […]

Pandering Pandemics

Pandering Pandemics Did you know there is now a “pandemic bond”of interest to certain “investors, asset managers, pension funds and endowments”? Is the bond pandering pandemics in any way? Appears to me the “pandemic bond” is an ideal solution for raising funds to handle epidemics and pandemics, but it also appears to be a potential […]

CO2 Hoopla

CO2 Hoopla If you’re aware of global warming, or should I say ‘climate change’ than you’ve been bombarded by the hoopla of CO2 . . . you know, the consequences of its overabundance. So I found all the hoopla to be ironic when reading a June 21, 2017 article about a “long-term” (”decade-long”) experiment in […]