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What Happened to Patricia Spork

What Happened to Patricia Spork?

Wondered what happened to me to cause no blog postings in past couple of months? Here’s a list of the main reasons:

1. Brother had stroke/seizure and hospitalized, twice, and now in rehabilitation center. Therapy is ongoing with good results.
2. Youngest grandson had surgery and is doing well.
3. Four family members were sick with flu-like symptoms. Several weeks for full recovery.
4. Husband’s best friend passed away. Weak immune system caused fatal flu symptoms.
5. Dog (Chewy) had surgery and she has completely recovered.

So worry and concern dominated my mind, causing lack of interest in blogging or doing videos. I did share links on favorite social media site, allowing some distraction from mind-distorting events.

My oldest grandson visited from out-of-state. Didn’t get as much time with him as I would have liked, but any time is better than none. Oh, yah!

Husband had recent dental work and has aching shoulder. Showing sympathy and empathy is a given fact. That’s better than accidentally getting muscle relief ointment on my skin and in eyes after giving that darn shoulder a rub-down with latex gloves that, sometimes, tend to split open. Eeeek!

As some of you may know, I lost my nineteen-year-old son (Casey) to depression and suicide the day after Christmas 2000 and he was buried January 5, 2001. His birth date falls in mid-August. Some years, those dates and times around those dates affect me, where I’m not as productive or sociable as I may be at other times. Holidays aren’t the same without him and other family members. Oh, well….

This month, I turned 61. Skin’s wrinkled and dried out more, and muscle is less toned. More flab, than not. And more silver hair appears and continues to shed (in one place I won’t mention). LOL! Aches and pains are daily reminders I’m alive. Thank you, Lord!

What a blessing it is to be alive and able to care for loved ones in my declining capacity. Thank you, Lord!

So, what happened to Patricia Spork? She’s still alive. She’s still a creative individual. She’s still a critical thinker. She’s still got her humor. She’s still a thankful person. And she’s still tapping keys to provide you information here and elsewhere on the Internet.

Blessed be your day (or night).


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